Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W -- We didn’t start the fire, We are the world

I was totally floored when I first heard Billy Joel sing, We didn't start the fire. The speed at which he sang, the encapsulated version of American history that he presented us.

There were some interesting motifs that we appreciated, the fire that we hadn't started -- symbolising the political mess that each generation inherits and worsens, and the turning of the pages of the calendar -- standing for the relentless march of time over the decades.

I was so impressed with this song that I was determined to do an Indian version, by mentioning the political messes that had been perpetrated in my country, but that project never came alive.

Once upon a time, I prided myself that I could remember the lyrics by heart.

I still can.

USA for Africa's We are the World was another song whose lyrics I can still sing to. 

For the one time, when famous artistes came together to sing for the benefit of Africa.

I won't say much, just that like the song says, much can be achieved if the world comes together as one.

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