Saturday, April 16, 2016

N -- Nothing's gonna change my love for you

Cheesy as it may now sound to my (let's admit it) slightly and partially cynical ears, Nothing's gonna change my love for you was a great hit back in the day. We all loved it, and almost all my friends got this moony, dazed look on their faces when the song began to play.

Okay, I got it too.

I can still sing the words of this song, both verses and the chorus, without forgetting a syllable in between.

And of course, I am old enough to realise that there's no such thing as a love that remains unchanged.

Love is like water. It must change its nature once in a while if it is to remain dynamic. When it stays as it is, it tends to stagnate.

To be alive, love must alter its intensity. And so it is.

Sometimes it grows and sometimes it abates.


  1. I remember that face about which you chattered. Yeh I'm a saddo too, and can remember the it's in my head all day.

  2. i remember this song Cynthia, its was very popular and Yes I knew it by heart, written in my diary... now I don't have my diary only (where i used to write pop songs of English). Thanks for sharing, its a beautiful song :)

  3. it is one of my favorite songs...hubby sang it for me when he proposed so that's why! I can just listen to this on loop!



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