Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zero speaks

I’m the synonym for a loser. In your eyes, I signify loss and failure. I have no value whatsoever, not in your financial transactions, nor in your language or your lives.

And yet I matter.

For when I figure on the side of your losses, it is cause for celebration, isn’t it? I have positive as well as negative implications.

Add me to any other number you have in mind, and watch their value grow. The more you add of me at the end of that number, the more their value grows. Knock down one of me out of that figure, especially if the figure is your salary, and hear yourself shout in protest.

Does that sound like the attribute of a loser?

Without me, you would not be able to assign a value to yourself.

Without me, there would be no mathematics, no calculus, no accounting. No computers either.

I am the building block that stretches to infinity.

I am suffused with potential that knows no limits.

Without me, there would be no beginning.

With me, there is no end.

For I am the outer edge of nothing.


  1. Enjoyed reading all your posts Cynthia. A few have left their idelible mark on my mind, especially the ones on Hunger and Time. Thank you once again for your wishes and your enouragement all through. It feels good to have completed the challenge and it truly was a challenge for me on various dimensions.

  2. wow
    what a post
    this is so unique Cynthia :) this is the second zero post I read today and I totally love it !

  3. Beautiful post, and so much to think about!

  4. Thanks for all your beautiful posts this month. I truly enjoyed reading everyone of them, but especially letter N.

  5. Superb take, Cynthia on Zero, without which no millions possible. Uniquely intelligent and super creative:)

  6. Your last line was a very profound statement indeed Cynthia. How absolutely awesome your entire series has been. Why don't you create a PDF and offer it for download to your readers?

    Please say yes! :D

    I loved your blog from the very first post I read. You remember I asked you why you didn't compel me to read you? You'd have done me a HUGE favor if you had. :D

    Soul sister is IT. I can't help but agree most emphatically. We'll meet soon... I am sure we will.

  7. Very well said! I too wrote a post on Zero and Infinity in a different context...Congratulations for completing the challenge. I hope to check out your other posts in the coming weeks/months...

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  8. Congrats Cynthia for an awesome theme and awesome posts.

  9. Cynthia, wonderful post again. All your posts have been Wow!
    Glad to be with you in this challenge.



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