Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Queue speaks

How hard can it be?

First the first, then the second, followed by the third and the fourth and so on. You can send unmanned space ships into space, but you can’t get a grip on something as simple as me?

I don’t understand your natural aversion to me. Whether it involves waiting for the bus, buying tickets at the ticket counter or waiting at the airport, you just don’t have the discipline required to do justice to me. Within seconds, you will be peering over the shoulders, around the elbows of the people before you. Before long, you’ve all branched off into different direction as each one of you, including those standing at least 10 metres away from the counter, try to get a glimpse of the action taking place at the head of the counter.

If there are a few people who sense my inherent virtues, they will be dissuaded by those who slide over hesitantly towards them, and shuffle their feet around their chosen victim, seemingly unsure about whether to approach and how to approach.

Make no mistake. The hesitation is an act. These people know exactly what they are about. They want you to believe in their helplessness, in the absolute life-and-death situation that prevents them from standing in line too.

Not all of you show such blatant disregard for me. And for their sake, I want to give you another chance.

No jumping from one queue to another. The only hopping I am prepared to tolerate is if you want to reduce the tedium of waiting by hopping from one foot to another.

I know how you feel about me. I know that you deplore the great injustice of it all when the other queue seems to move faster. But you must be slow to blame me for that. Notch that up to human inefficiency.

I am the only one who can bring order into your life.

Treat me with disdain and prepared to encounter chaos.

1 comment:

  1. Someone was remarking that that there are queues in India. No doubt about it. Only these are parallel to the counters and not perpendicular to it. Seriously, it's such a pain. When will our people be blessed with common sense & civic sense?



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