Saturday, April 05, 2014

Elections speak

It’s that time again, when you make a mockery of me. Turn me into a circus for your own benefit and the amusement of the people.

All those fake campaign promises, the lying manifestos, the vigorous hand shaking, the touching of feet, the kissing of babies.

Handled properly, I should have been the greatest living manifestation of a vibrant, alive democracy. Instead I am a joke that no one believes in and none, but a handful of selfish interests, care about.

When the truth is that the real jokes are the characters you allow to political office by your unwillingness to participate in the country’s electoral process.

It's that time when everyone suddenly goes through a change of heart for my sake. Their hearts undergo a miraculous transformation, it seems, and their only concern, in the blink of an eye, is you and your interests. Their manifestos revolve around you and your opinions and needs. Their own desires are temporarily put to sleep.

Why did it have to be like this?

Because of you.

Because you would rather treat me as another holiday. A day to wake up late, or go out of town on. A day to lazily play gully cricket with the neighbourhood kids.

What would your own individual votes matter?

What do your neighbourhood’s votes matter?

What do the country’s desires matter?

Giving the selfish interests ample opportunity to twist me to suit their nefarious ends. And then you have the audacity to say that I am a farce.

To make it worse, those selfish interests mess around with the counting.

Booth rigging, booth capturing, bogus voting – these are not my doing.

Why then do you persist in thinking ill of me?

It is because of your indifference that the selfish interests continue to fool all of the people all of the time.

I am only the beginning of their excuse for doing it legitimately.

Come, be a part of me. Find out more about me.

About those that stand for office. And what exactly they stand for.

Find out about the assets they have. How they were earned.

Whether they spent any time in a classroom. Whether they learned anything. Or whether they were just doing time.

How they feel about those that are the most hapless among us.

That will be the true test of them.

It’s that time again.

Once again, they’re going to look upon me as their private party, one where they can indulge themselves as much as they want to. And you end up picking the tab for the next five years, and more (Remember, the consequences of bad decisions last forever).

Do you want to be hosting fools and crooks forever?

Come, gatecrash their party.


  1. I knew that E was going to be elections.....and seriously glad to hear their point of view :)

  2. Cynthia, I couldn't agree more. I have neighbors who will curse the political scenario, and when it comes to election, they don't even go to vote. You have to be the change, if you want a change.

  3. Thank you, Jaibala, the topic suggested itself. The newspapers and the media are caught up in election fever.

  4. Gauri, There are many people like that who feel disillusioned by the system. Some of them say they don't know who to vote for as everyone is corrupt.

  5. Politics are the problem, not elections, but since it is through elections the politics comes to the fore, I guess elections take the blame for it. Here too, the discussions happen on elections, but I don't see many voting. I hope this time, they do vote.

  6. I enjoy reading your posts and today is no different. Election has become a mockery. When they started allowing criminals to stand for elections, may be it was done with a good intention of allowing reformed ones to be integrated back into society, but now, we see very few honest individuals. Having a criminal record is like having a mandatory qualification.

  7. If we don't vote then we have no right to criticise the government. Another extremely well written post.

  8. Reason is YOU - You rightly said that part. Interesting topic for the word "E" With the heat of summer , IPL and elections this one was much needed ! I love the way you just let the words freely flow <3

  9. If elections are speaking, folks aren't listening. I am already sick of the poli ads for the November election here. I think I may do a blog post about this as our election draws near. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  10. ELECTIONS was a great choice. Especially in light of the new permission to donate more. I found your post very powerful and interesting ! Stopping by for #atozchallenge

  11. I love the way the topic speaks for itself! This is again a hard hitting post and the need of the hour.



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