Sunday, July 07, 2013

Lost Treasure - a drabble (Day 7: UBC July 2013)

This was it.

The map led here.

Here lay the lost treasure that crazed men had journeyed far to get. The treasure for which men had suffered privations of all kinds.

I had cheated death five times and lost everything of value.

For this.

Now it was mine.

The entrance to the cave was covered by brambles. Sheer luck that I found the mouth of the cave.

It was dark, but my torch illuminated the cave.

I dug, where the coordinates on the detailed map led me.


No wonder they called it lost treasure.

Apparently it really was lost. 

(This post is in response to a writing prompt on Write Tribe. This is my first attempt at writing a drabble, a short story of exactly 100 words.)


  1. 'Lost' treasure...
    Nice piece on drabble

  2. aah :) reminded the alibaba chaalis chor of bachpan
    Lovely and apt

  3. Nicely written! :)
    Reminded me of the "Alif Laila" days!! :D

  4. That's a cool Drabble. Agree with Afshan, reminded me of Alibaba and 40 thieves, too :)

  5. The caves that you described reminded me of the Mausmi Caves of N.E.India.

  6. Poor man, lost to himself in search of lost treasure!

  7. It is really a talent to narrate an entire story in limited words... bravo gal.. :)

  8. I am totally in awe of people who participate in such challenges...100 words, 55 words, 6 words..phew! How you guys do it?!
    Good one :)

  9. Uhh ohh! Looks like it was really lost...
    Did he remember to look within himself? That is where the treasure would be most of the times...
    I was reminded of The Alchemist, somehow! :P

  10. wow! the fairy-tale kind touch made this read extra special! lovely one! :)

  11. Drabble is always a very impactful form of story. I think it takes a lot of brains to write one also. I do think will try one myself. By the way this all meant that Cynthia you wrote a great one :)


  12. That's a new thing I learn't that's called a drabble... wow! u wrote it so well...the subtle pun at the end was superb!

  13. A very intelligent post indeed, Cyn. Liked it a lot.

    Here's my attempt,



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