Monday, July 01, 2013

Guest Post From The Niños

And it’s back!

The madness, the frenzy, the vacant gazing into the distance, the frantic writing on scraps of paper, the switching on of the computer the moment it seems like we are safely in bed.

If we were old enough to know about the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects, we would have assumed that our very dear Mamma, she who has always been so devoted to us, has been abducted by aliens, who have left behind this creature with strange nocturnal and matutinal computer habits. Yeah, no marks for guessing where we get our love for words from.

After barely two months of respite (the last one was the A to Z challenge April 2013), she’s off again. 

This time, it’s 31 days she’s gunning for. It’s the Ultimate Blog Challenge, where she has to blog once every day all through the month of July.

You know that old song from our Mamma’s era? It goes something like this. The singer, completely loony (in our opinion), invites random strangers to come into her parlour and kiss her any day of the week but never on a Sunday because she needs her day of rest. Personally, we don’t like it when strangers, random or structured, accost us and proceed to ruffle our hair, pull our cheeks etc, let alone kiss us, and we make our protest loud and clear. But that is besides the point.

The point is that unlike the loony woman, Mamma will have no day of rest.

Over the next few days, both of us are going to have to be very careful. Mamma will be listening eagerly to the words of wisdom we let fall, hoping to spin them off into a blog post. She’ll be trawling the www, hoping to get some ideas for a post. She’s got plenty of books on her bookshelf and Kindle that she hasn’t read. So you might expect a book review now and then too. And of course, on days when the muse just won’t strike, she might recycle some previously unpublished stuff.

We’re actually hoping she’ll dig into her personal attic. At least it will leave her some time to spend with us.

We are still being looked after of course. So don't call Child Services just yet.

When we're hungry, we expend all the power of our collective lung power to let her know of the fact. And when we’re sleepy, we won’t let her get away with a hastily-mumbled lullaby, no way.

On our part, we will do everything we can to make this challenge as difficult for her as possible. It won’t be long before we get out into the real world and face challenges of our own. When that happens, she’ll be quick to tell us about how Challenges build character. So we might as well get a head start here and build hers. What do you think?

We’d appreciate it if you’d drop by once a day to say something nice to her. She gets cranky sometimes if no one notices her. We’d do it ourselves, but we’re not wholly literate yet.

So it is up to you to save us poor, innocent children and make sure the crankiness is nipped in the bud.

May we count on you?

Sincerely yours,

La Niña and El Niño


  1. Of course you can count on us, Niños. Your mother does such a good job of writing that it will be a pleasure! And what a lovely poet you have written for her. Take a bow!

  2. Sure sweeties, you can count on us!! We wont let you suffer even for a sec and we will make sure that your Mama is not cranky because of us!
    But you two should promise not to make this challenge more challenging for her, from your end too! Deal? :)

  3. Aww... of course you can count on us. :)
    Ask you mamma, it definitely gives a high to be on such whirlwind challenges, so don't make it too hard on her k :)

  4. Now little ones, I hope you are not calling us aliens, are you? Your Mama does such a fine job of writing - so you just have to share her with us, I'm afraid.
    Pablo, wants to know if you'd like him to come entertain you while your Mama is busy! :P

  5. Thank you for saying such nice things about our Mamma and about us, Auntie Shail. Hope you don't mind us calling you that.

  6. So sweet of you to say that, Auntie Shilpa. That will save us from a ton of worry. You don't know what an ordeal we went through in April. and yes, deal it is.

  7. Oh, Bhavya, is it such fun then to be a blogger? Maybe we should start a blog of our own then. but drat, we aren't wholly literate yet.

  8. oh, no, Auntie Corinne, we wouldn't dream of calling you an alien. But Mamma, now that's another story.

    By the way, this is El Niño speaking. I would love to entertain and be entertained by Pablo, but La Niña, I'll have you know, she's what they call a scaredy cat.

  9. I wouldn't miss the opportunity to read your mother's writings. You can count on me!

  10. Here for your mom always...would never miss any of her posts :)

  11. I will be trying to do this too!! Good luck to you!


  12. lovely darlings don't worry about your mamma .. we will not bother her.. Aunt Suku is here for the first time from the UBC and she is already loving your mom :) :)

  13. Hugs Little Ninos!!
    You mom is a fabulous writer and you can count on us to keep coming back!! :D

  14. Wow Cynthia! I'm glad I joined in the UBC, or I wouldn't have come across your blog! Can't believe I never chanced it till now! I LOVED reading this post! :D

  15. hahaha - well written.
    This is the first time I'm trying out the UBC and I know exactly what you mean about the madness and the frenzy. I am as one possessed.
    Glad I found your blog.

  16. I enjoyed every bit of your post, what a sweet mama you are ! such a sweet post..

  17. Thank you, Aunt Denise, So nice of you to say that you will read our mamma's writing.

  18. Auntie Kajal, thank you for saying such nice things about our mamma.

  19. Welcome to Mamma's blog, SuKu, we hope you'll keep coming back for more.

  20. Pixie, what a perfectly lovely thing to say. Happy to have you on her blog.

  21. Hi, Kalpana, it is possession alright. Why else would apparently sane people like us go temporarily mad? Blame it on the UBC. Welcome to my blog.

  22. Thank you, Genevieve. Hope to see you around too.



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