Friday, September 18, 2015

Tune Into Nature: Day 16: Mindfulness Challenge


Back in the days when reading and writing was the preserve of the elite, people still managed to read happy lives by reading the world around them. 

For those who know how to read her, nature offers valuable lessons, all hidden.
In the stars.
In flower and foliage.
In the majesty of the trees.
In the fearsome beauty of the sea.

Spending time alone in nature's company can be a greatly restorative experience. 

Tired and jaded nerves can be rejuvenated. 
Minds stunted into believing that the world can be contained amid four walls can begin to expand. 
Shoulders hunched over, toiling in misery, can feel energised. 

For best results, walk barefoot on the grass.

Or sit on the shore, and watch the waves come rushing towards you, then retreat.

Look at the patterns of clouds in the sky, and try to imagine what those shapes might resemble.

You could even sit in the shade of a tree and let the breeze lull you to sleep, while the birds chirp a sweet lullaby.

Nature is a thing of beauty that can soothe and amaze. And heal.

Listen to its sounds and its silence. And be prepared to be amazed.

All we need to do is to show up for the spectacle that Mother Nature puts up for our sake, with all our senses intact, ready to drink in the magnificence and beauty on display.

The ancients knew that behind the beauty of nature there was an order that broke through the seeming chaos, an order that had set the world going for aeons.

Until we showed up and decided we were smarter and nature was our tool.

Mindfulness demands that for once, we put away the mundane sameness of our lives and look for the poetry in nature. 

Naturally, the rewards are out of this world.

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