Sunday, September 20, 2015

Practice Empathy with all Beings: Day 18: Mindfulness Challenge


It is strange how things work out as they do but the fact remains that the deeper we peer into ourselves, the more we are able to see outside. 

The more we become aware, and accepting, of our own faults and limitations, and needs and desires, the more willing we become to admit that others might have their own faults and limitations, and needs and desires too.

This acknowledgement is the first step on the road to empathy. 

Being able to accept others for what they are, to be able to walk in their shoes, even if for a while, to be able to give them the benefit of the doubt because of what their life may have been like -- this is what mindfulness calls us to do.

No matter how badly some people may behave with us, empathy saves us from stooping to their level by forcing us to acknowledge that their actions may be driven by their circumstances and past experiences.

For an instant at least, a connection is forged between them and us.

A connection that helps us see them as human beings.
Flawed human beings.
No better than us.
No worse either.

And then we can begin to forgive them.

Or even put the hateful experience behind us, and move on.

With less baggage.

1 comment:

  1. Wow. How appropriate for me as I actually felt empathy for my ex who passed away recently. He made some bad decisions and the end of his life was not pleasant and for that I actually felt bad for him.



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