Thursday, May 16, 2013

Memories on tap

It was the second birthday of M, my younger brother. Mum had lovingly baked a cake in our very own jugaad oven. Dad had pitched in to prepare the icing, as per the recipe offered by my maternal uncle, M, who was then the chief steward on a passenger liner. Dad and A, my older brother, had arranged the halves of sweetened cherries around the periphery of the cake for some added visual effect.

And then it was time to cut the cake. Almost everyone was shy about being in the picture, ceding the limelight to the birthday boy. Except for the bespectacled, nerdy ten-year-old in the right-hand side of the picture.

Apparently, at least four of the cherry halves on the cake had been placed by her, and that fact gave her the right to position herself strategically next to what she considered her handiwork. If you look very closely, you will notice that there are four halves that are slightly off, as compared to the disciplined ‘red ants’ in that circle.

Nevertheless I was fiercely proud of my contribution to that cake.

Lest you get worried at the thought of that little two-year-old holding the knife so close to his face, I’ll have you know, that knife was completely harmless. You couldn’t have cut a slab of butter from the fridge with it. Butter left out too long, now that’s another story.

It was a simple birthday. Homemade cake, homemade snacks and homemade food, Boney M, Abba and the BeeGees playing on the humble Bush tape recorder and loads of fun, laughter and reminiscing about this, that and the other, not to mention the antics of the little fellow.

Memories captured on film by my Uncle M’s Fuji camera.

Memories on tap – even decades later.

"This post is my entry for the 'One Picture From My Photo Album' contest conducted by My Yatra Diary and CupoNation." I am nominating Afshan, Shilpa and Bhavya to participate in this contest-cum-giveaway.


  1. Cynthia thats a bful memory andu look cute too not only nerdish. I had similar pics with bro ;)
    loved reading . Shall try writing today :) Thanks for nomination

  2. This is such a cute description of the picture...there's something so beautiful about the untampered print photos.

  3. Afshan, so sweet of you to say that and boost my fragile ego, but I know a nerd when I see one. I'd love to hear about your stories with your brother. Will check your post.

  4. Thank you, Kajal. Yes, there is something very beautiful about the photos of that time.
    And scary too. There are photos of mine with strange hairstyles that I would like to burn.

  5. Oh yes, Roshni, I still remember that cake. And the decoration was simple, yet so tastefully done. I struggle in the cake decoration department.

  6. Such a delightful photograph, Cynthia and loved the story behind it! ♥

  7. That's such a sweet birthday memory! You look so cute! :)
    Thanks a lot for tagging, Cynthia for this contest, but was too tied up yesterday, couldnt take it up! Apologies! :)

  8. Thank you, Shilpa. Childhood birthday memories are always special.

  9. That was a sweet memory of your childhood! Thank you for sharing :)



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