Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for . . . Unique

Image Courtesy: Raj Manchekar
My sweet hijos,

U is for Uniform, a set of clothing that you, La Niña, are very familiar with. I have always loved wearing uniforms. I like the fact that they help instill a sense of belonging, equality and community in a group of people.

But uniforms can also have another effect. They can make you feel one in a crowd in a world which goes out of its way to make you feel ordinary and insignificant. When life makes you feel unappreciated, I want you to remember another U word, Unique, which describes "YOU" far better.

I'm not just saying this because I am your mother. I really believe this of you and me and everyone else besides. Each of us was made unique.

Most people, however, abandon the promise of their baby-selves to become prisoners on a conveyor belt. They forget that we are born with immense potential of mind, body and spirit. Such treasures are not to be shrugged off for the privilege of getting membership of the herd.

Therefore, stand tall and take joy in who you are. Strive to be better, to improve yourself. 

Don't let anyone mould you into a carbon copy of someone else.

Don't believe anyone who tells you that you are ordinary, too fat, thin, short, tall, bucktoothed, knock-kneed. 

Don't allow them to bind you into their straitjackets.

Don't let them fit you into the stereotypes they choose for you.

You do not have to fit the constructs that Society has erected, nor do you need its approval to be who you are.

Let me share with you a valuable trick that one of my school teachers once taught me. She used to say, "Spend one minute in the morning looking at yourself in the mirror and saying aloud, 'I AM AN UNREPEATABLE MIRACLE.' For best results, repeat every morning."

You see, mis hijos, you are a composite of innumerable variables - your culture, nationality, health, age, experiences and attitudes to them, fingerprints, character traits, personality, beliefs, aspirations, goals, dreams, genes, viewpoints and talents. You were created on a grand scale. You are neither products of assembly line manufacturing nor cookie cutter creations.

My wish for you is that you may never lose sight of the fact that you were created to be unique. And because you are unique, I wish that you may allow others the freedom to be unique too. 

I also wish that you may use up every talent you have to the fullest. So the world is forced to acknowledge your extraordinariness and eat its own harsh words.

Be yourself. That's your one true destiny. Be the best You that you can be, and you'll always get a V-sign from me.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Another one of your signature lessons...and a beautiful one too :)

    My post is "Unique" too and I feel so dwarfed !! :(

  2. Another nice post...I would miss these small parenting talks after the A2Z marathon. Plz continue the trend :)

  3. Uplifting words, thank you. It always helps to have a 'big picture' view of ourselves and how we are each unique.Kids Math Teacher

  4. Uniform > Unique > unrepeatable miracle. Your mind-mapping is excellent Cynthia !

  5. This is great. I will try this tomorrow morning. Happy A to Z!

  6. I am a unrepeatable miracle !! Sounds god I am going to try this !

  7. It's so motivating to read this
    This is a third unique post . Incidentally I wrote on unique and kajal too and I feel every post is unique in itsown way
    Yours is sweet as always
    That mirror thing is needed for All

  8. This was lovely! Your incredible message and the beautiful way you delivered it was brilliant!

  9. A very important lesson Cynthia...And I think I found my most favorite of the series...until V dawns ;)

  10. 'I AM AN UNREPEATABLE MIRACLE.' So profound and so true!

  11. Yet again, a beautiful piece of advice. Yes yes and a thousand times yes to what you have said about every child being unique. And also about 'being yourself'. Its something that I try to instill in my daughter as well- to be herself and give her best in whatever she does or aspires for and not care about what the society or people around her define best as.

    Will be back tomorrow to know what 'P' stands for in your wonderful dictionary :)

  12. Thanx for the revision for the lesson i learned in my childhood....

  13. I love the way you crystallize your thoughts and share such beautiful advice with fabulous analogies. Fantastic post for U :)

  14. You are truly Unique Cynthia. What a marvellous and valuable tale you weave each day.

  15. Motivational post! :)

    Great post as usual!

  16. Haa if only each of us recognized the truth in us being unique!


    I love you so much for that line, each one of us needs to accept and believe it, and we need to love ourselves unconditionally, all the while being grateful for every blessing we have received.

  18. best post so far cynthia; such a wonderfully penned post. I am an unrepeatable miracle- that is a winner :)

  19. Love these Unique ways you teach.

  20. Your lessons compiled ,are best sellers even before they can get the shape of a book :)I love reading them.

  21. The same uniform which one wears day in and day out indeed teaches us about uniqueness like no other ...And what a profound Mantra by your teacher ...and how well you connect each and every point to form a tiny little tale of wisdom :)

  22. This is one of the most fun lessons. Being unique is actually fun! Being free to be yourself, and not care about being like others, that's true freedom, and a lot of fun. :)

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

  23. Being unique is fun. Being unique is life. Uplifting.



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