Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for . . . Opportunity

Image Courtesy: Raj Manchekar
My dearest darlings,
Come take a look at this. O is for Octopus in your book, La Niña. Did you know that octo pous is the Greek word for eight feet? Interesting, isn't it?

As a child, I used to think that eight feet were a very useful thing to have. You could go much further and do so much more than you could with two.

Being able to do much more reminds me of another great O in my opinion, Opportunity. An opportunity is a situation or a condition that is favourable towards you and helps you achieve a goal.

On the face of it, opportunities appear rather tricky. They seem to imply that you have to be at the right place at the right time in order to catch sight of them. And that is what fazes most people. They convince themselves that Opportunity's preferred hunting ground is elsewhere, somewhere far away from them.

The fact is that opportunity is far more benevolent than we give it credit for. But it expects us to meet it halfway. If we sit at home, all dressed up in our Sunday best, and expect it to knock on our front doors, we had better be resigned to a long wait.

Opportunity is more likely to bump into us if we are out on the street, dressed in our work clothes, and show a willingness to roll up our sleeves and work.

Sometimes, though, opportunity does knock on our doors, but it so often dresses up in borrowed attire looking like a problem, or in disguise looking like hard work, that we don't recognise it. We see the grease on its elbows, the dirt under its finger nails, the grime on its knees, and ignore the knock on the door.

Remember, mis hijos, All you have to do is give it all you've got. Throw your heart and mind into the accomplishment of a goal and it is yours. 

You have to be alert and do what you can. See how birds hustle about for their food; they don't wait for someone kind to drop juicy worms into their nests. I'm not saying you've got to hustle all the time. But you definitely have to be alert, to espy opportunity and grab it with both hands. 

Of course, the more resources you have at your disposal, the better you might think it is. But take it from me, the fact that you have four limbs less than the octopus doesn't necessarily mean you can't go places and do great things.

Another thing about Opportunity. It doesn't pay right away. Sometimes you might have to put in a whole year's work and more, before it even acknowledges the worth of what you are doing.

My wish for you is that you may go boldly forward and create the opportunities you need. In doing so, you may encounter difficulties, but don't let that stop you from putting your next foot forward. One step at a time. Challenges and success are the two sides of the coin that is Opportunity.

Of course, there are good opportunities and bad opportunities. That is where your Intuition will guide you. 

If you need me, I'm always here. 

Until tomorrow. 


  1. Lovely post...

    Just a couple of days ago I put this on FB as my own gyaan... think I should get your view on it...

    Opportunity almost always lies admist chaos !

    what do you reckon ?! Although I must confess I gave that gyaan in relation to the stock market :P :P

  2. Loved reading your thoughts on opportunity :)

  3. True that !
    We should atleast know to open door when opportunity knocks.
    Using every opportunity is an art

  4. God helps those who help themselves! :D

  5. You continue the magic streak..., Glad to have thought on the same lines as you today :-)
    Cheers, L

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  7. Opportunity is something I believe is extremely generous and keeps knocking on our doors always but we dont hear it often :)

    Keep your ears open
    Opportunity's soft knock
    Not easy to hear


  8. So true, judging between a good opportunity & bad one is so tricky. But in the midst of judging we sometime tend to lose the real one :)

  9. Read this somewhere, the reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work... recognizing opportunities is the key! A wonderful lesson yet again! :)

  10. Totally loved the idea of opportunity dressing up in broen overalls and muddy streaks :) Lovely lesson for the kiddos and the adults as well :)

  11. Most of the time opportunities come disguised as hard work and difficulties and we fail to see them !

  12. Sitting at home waiting for opportunity is a big NO :) your post always has such a positive and encouraging message, thanks.

  13. Thanks so much for visiting Buttercup's. Look forward to getting to know you. You will be my featured blogger for O!

  14. What an encouraging post! Thank you. I begin my day - ever watchful for the opportunities presenting themselves . . I shall listen to my heart and choose the Joy-filled Opportunities -
    love & love,
    (Happy A to Z!)

  15. This is a wonderful post Cynthia thank you so much! You are right it comes sometimes in disguise and we don't recognise it. Many times too we have to hear the knock on the door, and OPEN it and allow opportunity to OCCUR.
    Loved this post and will go back and check your previous ones.

    Susan Scott's Soul Stuff

  16. You never cease to amaze me with your lessons.

  17. Lovely post and loved reading this!

  18. Lovely post and loved reading this!

  19. Sometimes opportunity is knocking so loud and we're not ready to listen!

  20. Excellent post - just what I needed to hear today!
    A month of Blog...

  21. I almost read it like my grandmother was telling me this...felt like a calm and sweet advise...awesome read...

  22. Opportunities are endless in life! Wonderful post!

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog:

  23. Thank you for the opportunity that you gave us to read this wonderful post. I am loving your daily dose

  24. Thank you Cynthia. It's an encouragement to keep our eyes open for opportunities, so that we don't miss them! Have a great week. O is for Ongoing Opportunites as you Build a Better Blog ~ #atozchallenge



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