Sunday, November 11, 2012

Saving Mother Nature (NaBloPoMo Day 11)

NaBloPoMo November 2012
One post every day in November
Our world is an intricate creation; the slightest loss
In this delicate balance will inevitably lead to chaos.

How strange that looking after it, a task of importance
Is in the hands of man, a creature of helplessness and negligence.

Despite being dependent on Nature and her bounty
He little hesitates in rendering her resources scanty.

Whether one subscribes to Genesis or the Theory of Evolution
One admits the passage of time before Mother Earth could come to fruition.

Yet in ravaging her and reversing the earlier process
He has, very soon, carried his vices to an excess.

The hills, valleys, forests, water, minerals and other wealth
Are steadily being depleted; openly, not in stealth.

It's time to stand up and arrest these trends
If for our past extravagances, we wish to make amends.

Heed this warning, rise to the challenge, or fate
Now is the time to act, even today may be too late.


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  1. Loved it ... It is now or never indeed.. Have written on similar may like to read



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