Friday, November 09, 2012

Crab Mentality (NaBloPoMo Day 9)

NaBloPoMo November 2012
One post every day in November
A basket full of crabs
was once left uncovered
and though escape was up for grabs,
a funny thing discovered.

Though freedom beckoned yonder
A strange thing came to light
Wonder of wonders!
Not one took to flight.

The mystery was soon solved
The truth was soon proved
If one upon escape resolved
The others disapproved.

When claw upon the top, he was
ready to heave himself over
the others of the opposite cause
began to drag him lower.

With their collective might
They began to pull him down
They put up a heavy fight.
Result: he broke his crown.

Then they went ahead
to make of him an example.
"This is what happens," they said,
"To those who tried to rebel."

You and I are guilty
at sometime or the other
of displaying crab mentality
towards one another.

Somewhere in this fable
there's a lesson for us all.
"Do it if you're able,
Don't be the cause of another's fall."

(This is a poem that I wrote long, long ago while still in college).

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