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Title: Surviving Goodbye
Author: Morgan Parker
Publisher: QuoteStork Media, Inc
Pages: 234
My GoodReads Rating:

Elliot Fitch, a quintessentially good guy, loses the love of his life, Karen, to a terminal disease. On her deathbed, Karen tells him that their daughter, Elena, is not his.

A year after Karen’s death, Elliot is still consumed by hate and is a floundering mess. He has not gone to work, and just hangs around the house, eating takeout and letting his 16-year-old daughter, Elena, manage herself as best as she can. His wife’s revelation is eating at him, and he can’t help but torture himself with thoughts of who Elena’s real father could be and how he managed to be deceived so badly.

When Elena tells him that she is pregnant, as a result of trying to seek affection elsewhere after Elliot checked out mentally, and that the father of her child is not interested in being a part of her life anymore, Elliot decides to find out who her biological father is and help Elena out.

This is followed by some crazy adventures as Elliot gets into all kinds of wild goose chases to get to the bottom of the mystery. Along the way, he befriends Veronica, a single mother who works as a delivery girl. Veronica offers to help Elliot out in his quest. In doing so, she slowly becomes a part of his life.

But how are they going to find the truth when there are absolutely no leads, and the only person who knew the truth is dead?

The story is written in the first person PoV of Elliot, who comes across as a good guy, but not a sensible one.

What I couldn’t stand was the language; it was atrocious. I could let some examples of bad language slip by, if it was required, but here it just went on too long. 

None of the characters were well developed. I didn’t feel convinced about anyone’s motivations. 

Plus the ending was completely lame and farfetched.

There’s a self-deprecatory reference to the author in this book when Jamie, Karen’s brother, says, “I’ve read Morgan Parker novels that made better sense.”

I can’t say the same unfortunately.

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