Monday, January 27, 2014


Edward Sri’s Walking with Mary invites us to walk along with Mary along her journey from the moment she said Yes to the angel Gabriel to the moment when that Yes received fruition on the cross.

Sri’s devotion to Mary and subsequent strengthening of his faith started out in the best possible way: with questions.

While the Bible does not offer details about the unfolding of the most significant moments in history from Mary’s perspective, Sri pieces together the insights provided in the four Gospels, besides insights put forward by theological scholars. We get an understanding of what life must have been like then, of the hazards of having to travel miles while being in an advanced stage of pregnancy, of Mary’s journeying forth to be with her kinswoman Elizabeth, on receiving the news of her impending motherhood, despite being advanced in years.

Sri relates Mary’s experience to real-life instances that we can relate to. Mary’s Yes was the beginning of her journey of faith. It was a journey in which she must have struggled for answers, she must have floundered in her doubts, but she walked on regardless. 

Even before His first miracle in Cana, she believes that He will do something to help the Jewish householder, the father of the bride. She believes with a steadfast faith, even though she has no tangible evidence of that which she clings to so strongly.

The book discusses nine significant moments in Mary’s journey. At the beginning, the book sounded more than a little repetitive, as Sri seems to find more than one way to say the same thing. On a personal note, it was enlightening to know the depth of scholarly research about Mary. Sri relates Scripture passages from the Old Testament and correlates them with passages from the New Testament to point out the depth and strength of Mary’s commitment to God, and to demonstrate the fact that everything took place exactly as Scripture said it would.

(I received a copy of Walking with Mary from WaterBrook Multnomah.)

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