Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Blog Review: Memoirs of a Confused Gal

It promised to be a Secret Santa with a difference. 

Instead of buying gifts for someone who’d been naughty yet nice, Vinita, High Priestess at the FB sanctuary that goes by the name of Indiblogeshwaris, came up with the idea of reviewing the blog of a fellow blogger on our own blog. What better way to drive up readership for a deserving blogger, while making a new friend? That is the spirit of Christmas, after all.

The name that popped out of the Sorting Hat for me was that of Pankti Mehta, a relatively new entrant in the world of blogging. 

With a name like Pankti (it means sentence in Hindi), you would not expect anything less than sheer love for the written word from her. And that is just what you get.

She calls her blog, Musings of a Confused Gal, but there is little confusion here. Pankti’s talent is seen in  the range of posts in which she puts her pen (or keyboard) to good use. 

On her blog, you will see her short stories, poems, book reviews, musings, a story series titled, Anything for You, travel tales and photos.

It was her short stories and travel tales that I liked the most. Her short stories do a good job of reeling you, the reader in. She builds mood and atmosphere with as much ease and attention as she devotes to the building of her characters.

The story, Love Me, fills you with disgust and pity in like measure and that is its strength.

Faith is another story about a girl wrongfully accused at school and her sense of reassurance on knowing that her mother believes in her innocence.

Power play shows the depths to which people are willing to stoop when driven by ambition. Interestingly, this story reveals that the protagonist need not always be the polar opposite of the antagonist.

The Travel story details her trip to Sasan Gir, which is 400 km from Ahmedabad. This post was well written and showed both her love for travel as well as her sense of humour. It was in this section that I felt that she completely outdid herself. Pity there was only one post here.

A bookworm Indiblogeshwari, Pankti has reviewed books such as Chakra by Indiblogeshwari Ritu Lalit and Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, a writer whose work I enjoy a lot.

This toddler in the world of blogging has set an example that I could learn from. So many of my posts sit patiently in the Drafts folder, waiting for me to come and wipe the dust off them.

Pankti, on the other hand, has very quickly built up a collection of 67 blog posts, even though she began blogging only in March 2013. The Indirank of 84 is certainly well deserved.

Jog over to her blog and check out more of her work. 

And have a lovely Christmas while you're at it.

May Jesus bless you with love and affection enough to keep you warm in spite of the cold outside.


  1. This secret elves is a great way of discovering new blogs and learning more about the ones we have read, occassionally.
    Your review of Pankti's blog has made me realize that I haven't read her wonderful posts.
    Would love to read the stories you mentioned, Love me and Faith.

  2. Thanks for bringing Pankti's blog to us. Great review. Will drop by her blog and read your recommended posts. Wish you a Blessed Christmas. Being an elf was so much fun.

  3. Awww...Cynthia, that's so sweet! Thanks for your kind words. I am humbled :)

  4. Agree Cynthia, she is a very good story writer. Aptly summed up.

  5. lovely review Cynthia...I'll surely be reading Pankti's blog :)
    I loved the way you mentioned the High Priestess ;)

  6. I absolutely love Pankti's stories! She is an amazing story teller. Her plots have a very fresh feel to them. :)

  7. HI, Sulekkha, You said it. The Secret Elves have delighted many people, bloggers and readers alike. Hope you enjoy the stories I recommended.

  8. You are welcome, Suzy. Her blog was a discovery for me too. I hope you like the stories that I recommended and discover some more good stuff besides.

  9. You are most welcome, Pankti. Have a fantastic New Year 2014.

  10. Thank you, Janaki. I am glad you liked her blog too.

  11. Thank you, Karan. Hope you like your visit to her blog. As for the High Priestess, she deserves it, right?

  12. That's right, Pooja. The way she builds up her stories is just amazing.

  13. Ah, Cynthia, your easy writing never ceases to amaze me. I love how I am carried by your words into a world of their own. I forget what I came for, I just never want your writing to end. Such is your craft!

    I must get to Pankti's blog post this review, it sounds so wonderful. Thank you for doing this with us. You are an A+ Secret Blogger Elf, my dear!

  14. I haven't yet read any of her stories but I must. Her blog sounds interesting.

    Good elf, Merry Christmas to you!

  15. I have interacted with Pankti but now I am motivated to read her blog after your review. Very neat review, Cynthia.



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