Friday, April 08, 2016

G -- Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I must have just stepped into my teens when I first heard the song, Girls just wanna have fun, by Cyndi Lauper.

Theoretically, it sounded like a great theme song. Especially, since middle class girls back then, as now, didn’t really have much fun, unless we were heavily chaperoned and the fun in question was thoroughly vetted before we had it.

Our brothers had a lot of fun though. They were allowed to return home late if they wanted to. No deadline for them. And they didn’t have to ask for permission before they did anything. Not as much as us anyway.

They weren’t berated or scolded as much as us, and their every move wasn’t scrutinized or criticized as much as ours was.

So this song, Girls just wanna have fun, sounded like a nice anthem to grab hold of, one that would, in the spirit of song and dance, allow us to get away with a little infusion of rebellion.

Perhaps there were other girls and women around the world that thought so too, because pretty soon the song was a hit.

Of course, there were some who thought that Lauper, with her outlandish dressing style and garish makeup was a little over-the-top, at least back then, but I didn’t think so.

Girls just wanna have fun was a statement, about equality and empowerment, and when you make a statement, you’ve got to ensure that you have everyone’s attention.

Cyndi was just winning some attention to the cause.



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