Sunday, April 30, 2017


We’ll bring down the curtains with a word that is so small, yet capable of displacing a set of words that is six times bigger, in terms of the number of letters. I am talking about the Georgian word, Zeg, which describes the day after tomorrow.

All this time, English has lacked a single word to describe this great day. Of course, we had overmorrow in the Middle Ages, but for some reason it never caught on, and people were forced to resort to the awkward the-day-after-tomorrow to express themselves.

Right now, I am thinking about what a great addition Zeg will be to the English language. Think of the number of precious seconds, not to mention ink and paper, we could save if we could simply say and write Zeg, instead of the never ending day-af-ter-to-mor-row.

What could we not do with all that time we managed to save? 

Methinks I could start thinking about next year’s A to Z Challenge so that the Xs and Zs and Qs of this world don’t try to catch me off-guard.

Of course, we still face the problem of the day before yesterday.

What do we do about it? Would any language like to help us out?

Meanwhile, I'd like to take some much needed rest. I'll see you on Zeg or the day after Zeg, when I'll tell you what I learned from this A to Z April Challenge 2017.


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