Sunday, September 13, 2015

Make Time to Practice Silence: Day 11: Mindfulness Challenge


Sooner or later, the noise of the world seeps into our being.
The clutter, the clamour and the commotion take root in our hearts, evicting the peace that should have reigned within. 

We do a gross disservice to ourselves when we insist on being part of the world.

We feel shortchanged at the thought of being left behind.

And so we spread our presence across the online world, downloading every app there is, in the hopes of keeping abreast with all the knowledge and information there is.

In a world in which knowledge is currency, it seems to be dreadfully important to know everything about everything.

But the trade exacts a heavy price.

In time, the knowing of everything about everything degenerates into knowing nothing about anything.

Certainly, nothing worth knowing.

What's worse, it takes away our peace of mind.

The need to know more about often trivial things denudes our soul of what it really needs. 

To just BE STILL.

To just BE.

Today we need to practice mindfulness in receptive silence.

We need the silence to ensure that our spirit can thrive.

Ten minutes is enough. 

Whenever we can, wherever we can.

All we need to do is to shut our eyes, and turn a deaf ear to the noise around us. 

And listen to the sound of ourselves breathing. 

And the sound of the world around receding into relative unimportance.

Should any thoughts arise, they must be treated with gentleness, and let loose into the great beyond.

Lightness is liberating.

Silence is sustaining.

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  1. Very true Cynthia, silence is gold as the old saying goes; its very important to spend quiet time to energise one self, and draw strength from the divine..I love the mornings for that... and its worth all the effort.



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