Thursday, September 24, 2015

Choose your own mindfulness adventure: Day 21: Mindfulness Challenge

All it takes to convert an activity into an unbreakable habit is the willingness to do that activity steadily for 21 consecutive days. 

21 days.
One day at a time.

So they say.

And here we are, having followed these tips so kindly shared with us by the team at Kindspring. Some of the tips have been easy to follow. Others, not so much.

But they have all egged us along, on the mindfulness journey. Showing us one scenic milestone after another, and telling us that this journey is one of those where the joy lies as much on the road as it does in the destination.

Now it is up to us.

Do we remain faithful to the challenge?

In the absence of an external party driving us on, motivating us, it might get a tad difficult.

Nothing like a community to make us feel motivated.

Left to oneself, the journey can be a little harder, but it still has its rewards.

I have discovered that paying attention to the task at hand helps me to give that task my all.

Also, contrary to the experts, I have discovered that while multitasking may have its devotees, it just isn't the right thing for me.

One thing at a time is the way to go.

My daily "to-do" lists have helped too. It is a great comfort to be able to strike off each item off the list as I complete it.

For those of you, who haven't been with me through the journey, here's a short recap:
Day 1:  Have a mindful meal
Day 2: Practice being here now
Day 3: Tune into transitions
Day 4: Change your routine
Day 5: Spend time with a child or an elder
Day 6: Pay attention to Passive Moments
Day 7: Find magic in the mundane
Day 8: Engage in Mindful Conversation
Day 9: Practice Mindful Emailing
Day 10: Do something kind for someone
Day 11: Make Time to Practice Silence
Day 12: Reflect on your intentions
Day 13: Take a Mindful Walk
Day 14: Practice Forgiveness
Day 15: Practice Digital Mindfulness
Day 16: Tune Into Nature
Day 17: Make a mindful phone call
Day 18: Practice Empathy with all Beings
Day 19: Pay Attention to Your "Off" Moments
Day 20: Practice Mindful Decision-Making

I just noticed, in saving the links for the recap above, that the key word here is practice.

That says it all for mindfulness.

You can only achieve mindfulness if you keep practising it.

One day at a time. For ever.

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