Thursday, November 17, 2011

I am grateful for. . .

The gift of my children for it helped me understand my parents' love.

The privilege of being able to witness and take delight in my children's growth milestones.

Friends with whom I can yap for hours at a time, with whom saying goodbyes takes forever because there is always something that must be said before we are willing to part.

Old photographs. They are always good for laughs. Incidentally, man is the only creature that can laugh or needs to.

The Internet. Manually exploring the world would have demanded many more lifetimes. And staying in touch with long-lost friends would have been well-nigh impossible.

The riot of colour and smell that is an Indian vegetable market. The sight is a visual reminder to me that God created a world of abundance.

For St Xavier's College, Bombay, my alma mater.

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